CIGRE  Aalborg 2019

On behalf of myself and the Danish National Committee, we are honored to host the CIGRE Symposium 2019 in Aalborg, Denmark. CIGRE Aalborg 2019 is the next CIGRE Symposium, which will be held in June 2019.

Aalborg is the capital of the North Jutland region, a very active industrial area, and it is the fourth largest city of Denmark, with a long history beginning in middle ages, and followed by the Vikings’ era.

The symposium will be hosted in AKKC – the Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre – the largest conference center of north Jutland, with a capacity of 2,500 people. AKKC is located in the heart of Aalborg and every year, the centre has more than half a million visitors within Music & Theater, Fairs & Exhibitions, and Meetings & Congresses.

The theme for this Symposium will be GOING OFFSHORE – Challenges of the future power grid.

This symposium intends to share the latest research and real life system experience obtained in the context of the future transmission grid. The symposium is organized and supported by eight Cigré Study Committees who are highly active in the design and operation on a system perspective as well as in the technologies needed to overcome the challenges. These are:

  • SC C4 System Technical Performance (leader of the symposium)
  • SC B1 Insulated Cables
  • SC B2 Overhead lines
  • SC B4 HVDC and Power Electronics
  • SC C1 System Development and Economics
  • SC C2 System Operation and Control
  • SC C3 System Environmental performance
  • SC C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation

We look forward to welcoming you to Aalborg in 2019.

Best Regards,

Claus Leth Bak,

Chair LOC
Professor, Aalborg University
Chairman Cigré Danish NC