Call for Papers

The aim of the 2019 CIGRÉ International Symposium is to provide a forum for recent research results and system operations experience related to the rapid transformation and challenges imposed on networks and markets by increased amounts of renewables in the energy mix.

Perhaps exemplified more than anywhere, Northern Europe is about to increase its already large share of wind power with further offshore plants and offshore interconnectors.

Concurrent wider changes to energy generation and consumption patterns, and challenges to obtain right-of-way for new transmission lines, drive a need to rethink transmission and its coordination with distribution networks. As an example, over 50% of Denmark’s electrical energy generation is connected at distribution-level, where the roll-out of electric vehicle charging and electric heating will introduce very large power balancing challenges.

The objective of the symposium is to address recent technical advances and policy that allow transmission and distribution networks to enter their next era, in particular those related to offshore generation, transmission and distribution.

The preferential topics reflect the above, and beyond, across technology, planning, operations, and markets. The symposium is intended to bring these important topics to discussion during the technical sessions.

Papers not directly related to the preferential subjects can be submitted. Each Study Committee will review all papers.

The CIGRE2019 call for papers can be downloaded here